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Drydock is walking distance from the Visitors Center and Gate 1 (Main Gate to USNA). Many of the tour groups let their guide know that they have reservations at Drydock and the guide will plan to finish the tour at our door.

Drydock can have a group of 80 who have pre-ordered from our Group Meal Menu/Contract seated and eating their lunch within 10 minutes of their arrival, and it is only a 5 minute walk back to the Visitor’s Center to get on the bus again. For planning purposes, this means, for groups of 75 or less, you would have time to dine with us and be back at your bus an hour later if time is of essence provided you arrive on time for your reservation at Drydock.

While anyone is welcome to come in and order off the Restaurant Menu without a reservation, we do not recommend this for groups larger than 15. There is a larger variety of menu selections available in the restaurant and the food is made while you wait in line, but for those not on a tight schedule, this is a great option. See the Group Menu for information about pre-ordering meals for a group.

Handicap Accessibility:
Two of the three public entrances into Dahlgren Hall are Handicapped Accessible. The entrance off Cooper Road, (Closest to Gate 1) and the entrance off Kelly Court are both Handicapped Accessible. The front door entrance to Dahlgren Hall is not Handicapped Accessible. If you are facing the front entrance to Dahlgren Hall off Fullam Court, an access road/ramp that runs between Dahlgren Hall and Bancroft Hall is to your left and will take you to Kelly Court. Drydock doors are through the tunnel, and into the parking lot, to the right.

Reserved Seating:
Our policy does not permit us to reserve seating for anyone other than those who pre-order from the Group Menu Form/Contract, which is streamlined to make it possible for groups to dine with us and still make their tight time-schedules.